Projected usage way off

I moved home in the last 12 months and switched to Bulb a few months after moving.
Bulb estimates my readings, but when I submit my actual readings, they are invariably (so far) much lower than the estimates.
It doesn’t make a difference really as I can readily supply ‘true’ readings, and I pay a fixed amount each month. However, it would be handy if my estimates going forward would be at least somewhat accurate, so I could guage if my direct debit is likely to need updating at some point.
I was just wondering how the estimates were determined? eg did my old provider provide unrepresentative usage data.

Are you submitting monthly readings when requested?
If not then they will use estimates which can be way out.
Estimates I believe can come from 2 sources:

  1. From historical information (previous owners usage/ national data base)
  2. From your own submitted readings (if sent on time)

Personally I wouldn’t rely on proving readings at a later date and would contact Bulb to get it updated.

Thanks for your response. Yes I am making sure to send readings before bills now - its just a bit of an annoyance really.

You should get an email reminder when to send them in.