Projection graphs

Hello - please could you subtitle the predicted consumption graphs with what’s included - it looks like standing charges and VAT are excluded - is that right? It would also be great to be able to switch to kWh rather than £

Hi @Andy_K I believe that the consumption graphs do include VAT and standing charges, but not the dual fuel discount. In terms of getting it to show exactly what it’s made up of, and to show kWh as an option instead of just £-great idea! I’ll send it over to the tech team, to see if they can set it up

I’m going to vote for the kWh measure in the graphs too.

I see that this hasn’t been provided (6 months now) - is there an issue?

Hi Andy_K - it’s still being looked at, but I don’t think it’s the tech team’s number 1 priority right now - a lot of the members seem keen on it so it’s still in the pipeline, but I don’t have a timeframe at the moment. I’ve given the tech team another nudge though :slight_smile: