Promises broken

Was it just me who was promised that there would be no increase like other companies were about to make.One of the reasons why i left my old company was that i was told " we buy bulk gas and electric wholesale and can offer it to you without any planned rises " 3 months now and i get a e_mail to say my monthly costs are changing and an increase is going to be made

I agree. Bulb were cheaper than the company I was with at the price they quoted when I joined. I got told of price rises after joining. Now I’m being conned out of referral fees.

Hi there @Rab we did our best to give a 30 day warning before our 60 day announcement about the price rise, we’ve had a little notice on our website to anyone switching and we’ve been emailing those members who joined us through price comparison sites, just to let everyone know that we’ve been anticipating that we might need a price rise with the way wholesale prices have been going. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t see those warnings.
@Lp5068 we certainly aren’t trying to con anyone out of referral credit, if you switched to us through someone’s referral link and didn’t get the credit I’m sure we’ll be able to get it added on for you