Providing meter readings to previous suppliers

Hi Bulb,

I have just started the process to switch to bulb. I know you will ask for my meter readings shortly, but I have also had prompts from my previous suppliers (just prior to me signing up to Bulb - so not related) is there any reason for me not to provide meter readings to my “current” suppliers now? thanks a lot

There should be no problem if you supply your meter reading to your previous supplier as they have requested it.

Just before your switch to Bulb they will also ask for your meter reading, this in turn will be supplier to your previous supplier after verification by a third party. It should mean the reading you supply to Bulb will in theory be their opening reading and also the closing reading by your previous supplier regardless of the fact if you supplied an earlier reading to your previous supplier.

@obc as @Allanr says - it’ll be absolutely fine if you provide them to us, although there’s no harm in also providing them to your previous supplier.