Pure Planet

The MSE energy club is telling me I can save £120 a year by switching to Pure Planet. Are Bulb able to react to this ? Or should I switch?

Hey @derekc We only have one tariff so we don’t keep any ‘better’ rates hidden for people that are thinking of leaving. With Bulb, you’re always on the best deal we can offer and that will always be the case. I’d recommend checking the price per unit of gas and electricity with a new supplier and comparing with Bulb’s, just to make sure that saving is genuine.

I checked on blue planet the other day and decided not worth moving for.
Electricity about the same cost and gas was cheaper but as a variable like Bulb and others it is a volatile market just now so can quickly rise and I don’t know if Blue Planet have implemented recent gas price rises.
Also they alter the dd payments for winter/summer which I dont like I prefer a constant, not an issue for me just a principal thing.
Use apps but not email so no good for me, and apparently they have no phone contact, or very limited.
Having used 3 utility companies to date I have to rate Bulb as being the best with regard to customer service.

Thanks for the comments - I have not bothered changing and still rate Bulb very highly.