Put my bills up without even informing me

Thanks for putting my bills up without even the courtesy to send an email or a letter. I’m very aware of my electricity usage and pay enough to cover the year, I barely use any electric during the summer. When the new price cap comes in I’m happy to look at the amount I pay, until then I’m cancelling my direct debit and topping up my account manually as I’m not being mugged off by your calculations that come out of thin air. Last year I was over £250 in credit and you tried to put my bills up then as well so whatever algorithm is being used to calculate the amount that your customers pay needs to be looked at. It seems like you just want to fill the coffers with as much credit as possible for your own cash flow than provide accurate direct debit payments for customers. Sort it out!!!


Hi @Port Welcome to Bulbs community page.

Sorry you have had issues with your payments with us, I have just taken a look at the account so we can discuss this with you.

I will not go into too much of your calculations on a public forum but we did advise of an increase before winter because we expected your bills to rise, which they did. You can see your October - December bills were higher than your monthly payment. The reason for the increase is to just avoid any debt building up.

However we can see that your account is not in a bad place and the latest direct debit change has been cancelled so you are back to the previous amount.

Payment changes only occur to help keep your account from getting into any debt. If you want to move to manual payments please let us know.

In terms of your account going forward, you will remain on your current plan for the next few months.

If you would like an email from us to discuss this further, we would be happy too as we can understand that this is a frustrating topic.

Carl :bulb:

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