Q&A this Wednesday with Samsung SmartThings and Chameleon

Hi all,

This Wednesday from 10am-5pm we’ll be joined by @Chris_at_SmartThings and @James_at_Chameleon for a Q&A on IHDs, SmartThings Energy Control and everything in between.

It’s an area we’ve gotten a lot of questions about in recent times so we’re delighted to be joined by the experts. Please do have a think on things you’d like to ask them ahead of then. They’ll be there to answer broader questions on how these things work rather than account related queries (they can’t access your account).

For those that haven’t been aware we partnered with Samsung in 2019 to provide a new tool members can use to understand their energy usage and make smarter, greener decisions at home. You can find out more about it in our Help Centre here.

Look forward to hearing your questions on Wednesday :call_me_hand: