Q&A with James from Bulb for Business

Hi everyone,

How are we all?

My name’s James. I work in Bulb’s business team, looking after the service of our entrepreneurial members. I’m chuffed to be carrying on our Community Q&A between 20 and 24 April.

Bulb has been supplying renewable energy to businesses for as long as we’ve been in business. Our mission is to help businesses to save money on their bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

We recently welcomed our 9000th member and have had lots of new additions to our team too. We’re focussed on helping businesses with all of the different weird and wonderful meter types switch to Bulb and enjoy awesome service while they’re with us.

We’ve learnt that powering businesses is different to powering homes. Our recently launched secondment program aims to improve business expertise within our service teams. Energy Specialists who usually help household members join us for a short time to learn how to serve the needs of businesses, and share that knowledge when they return to their teams.

I’ll be answering questions about all things related to business energy. If you have questions about your account, me and the team will be happy to help there too.

So, fire away with your questions and I’ll respond as soon as soon I can.

Have a good one,


Hi James,

I’m considering switching my business to you but I’ve heard from friends your engineers don’t support big 3 phase meters like ours, is this right?

Hey there :wave:

Thanks for your question, I was starting to feel a bit lonely!

For those that don’t know, 3-phase electricity supplies have 3 “waves” of electricity running one after the other. They provide more consistent power than single-phase supplies and lots of it. They’re common in commercial buildings, whereas most homes have single-phase supplies. Properties with a 3-phase supply should have a 3-phase meter to match.

Bulb does support 3 phase meters :+1:

That means that businesses with 3 phase supplies can switch to Bulb in the usual way, and if they have any issues with their meter, we’ll be there to fix them :wrench:

We send specially trained engineers to do 3 phase work. The majority of the engineers that do our domestic metering aren’t able to perform these specialist jobs.

So, while it’s true that many of our engineers do not do 3-phase work, some do, and it’s those engineers that we’ll send.

Does that answer your question?



P.S. We’d love to have you with us. If you have friends with Bulb, you could ask them to refer you. If you need help getting a quote, just head here.