Q & A with Katie from Solar

Thanks for the feedback @Consument, great to see how you earned back the cost of your panels so quickly on the original tariff for FIT.

You’re right, costs and incentives are changing all the time. Moving to a market-led approach should give exporters flexibility and greater choice and control over buying and selling their electricity. The SEG is new this year and will be monitored by government during the first years of operation to see whether the market is delivering an effective range of options for small exporters

why does the export price not vary from region to region like the rest of Bulbs prices?

Hey @madelined , good question. Essentially the reason that elec costs vary region to region is because of the other factors that make up a tariff, e.g. transmission and distribution costs getting elec/gas from one area of the country to another. With Export and with FIT we’re paying for the energy at source so there’s no varying costs or factors.