QR Code not working

Tried emailing Support about this over a month ago, no response.

Have tried the QR code to check my tariff against other suppliers, have tried 3 different QR code readers on Android and get this on all of them:

Edited not to give away ID:

,/,POSTCODE,Bulb Energy/Bulb Energy,Vari-Fair,Vari-Fair,Monthly Direct Debit,Monthly Direct Debit,REMOVED,REMOVED,REMOVED.6,REMOVED.0,21102018-20102019/21102018-20102019,/,

Any help would be great.

I get the same thing. Not sure what’s supposed to happen, I’ve never tried it before.

What and where is this QR code you speak of? I’d be interested in trying it out to help diagnose a problem

Took me a while to figure it out. It’s on the statements.

Sorry should have given more info on that. The QR codes are on the statements, they are meant to be useable to make it fast and easy to see if you’re on the cheapest tariff, sadly the Bulb ones have never worked for me.

More about the QR codes for energy bills can be found on here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/qr-codes-on-energy-bills-put-consumers-in-control

Have a response from the message I sent to Bulb back in October.

"This is something we are in the process of fixing with regards to QR codes. Please let us know if a current bill is still doing the same.



I will check the next Bulb bill and see if it works.

Bulb’s QR Code comparison still not working 23/04/20.

Are you surprised?


I am a bit as “The Government made the inclusion of QR codes mandatory on energy bills”. All well and good showing a QR code but would expect it 5+ months later.