Query on meter readings two weeks after moving in

Hello; quick question.

My partner and I moved into our rented property on the 29th March and taken meter readings on our first day with the landlord and on that day we have signed up with Bulb

Today, 14th April we was asked for a meter reading from Bulb.

Am I right in thinking that my first meter reading (on the day of moving in) should be used rather than meter readings from today, two weeks later after moving in?

Could someone be so kind to clarify this please?

Kind regards

Hi @LDa77o thanks for getting in touch.

The reads you took on the day you moved into the property need to go to the old supplier. Bulb will take over the property from 18th April and we need the reads from this date.

We then send these to the old supplier and they bill you for the period between moving in and switching to Bulb. You will have a small bill to pay the existing supplier for this period.

Hope this is clear.