I joined bulb on je 8th December and have just received my first bill for £207. Can this be looked at please as I joined bulb because you persuaded me you were cheaper than my previous supplier but the bill has worked out to about £120/130 a month. If this is the case I want to leave as this is not what I was expecting and I am not prepared to pay more than I was previously

Obviously discuss with Bulb, having said that it needs to be established if you are on an estimate or actual readings as the first few weeks can be inaccurate due to requiring verification from 3rd party companies.
My own Bill for Dec/Jan was also up slightly but considering the colder weather it comes as no surprise.
To be fair the £s amount is in a sense irrelevant as it depends on the kWh used, if that has gone up then your bill would be even larger with most other companies.
Check the kWh figures against an old bill and determine if in fact you have used more energy or if indeed it is an incorrect calculation.

All that aside contact Bulb and discuss with them.

hi do we still qualify for the home warm discount scheme for disabled which comes in every year in march I think it is

Hi @Alex13007 Your bill was so high because it was based on estimated readings. If we don’t get a reading within 3 days before we send you your statement we are sent estimates by another organisation in the energy industry. If you send us a reading we’ll recalculate your past usage to make sure it’s correct.

We’ll send you a reminder 3 days before your statement, so if you want to make sure it’s based on actual readings each month.