Question about getting a Smart Meter fitted

I keep getting emails about a Smart Meter. My current meter is 8.5-9ft off the ground but otherwise access is excellent.

Is the 8ft limit a hard limit, or more of a guideline? Given how it is located and wired, it would a simple matter fit the new unit at a lower position.

Who do I speak to at Bulb about determining whether or not installation is possible? More than happy to supply pictures etc.


I think it is more of a hard limit, but i’d contact bulb using their phone number ( 0300 303 0635 ) or there email (

There might even be a nice person at bulb who will have a look at this thread and send an email to you to discuss it :wink:

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Hey @roadSurfer, welcome to our Bulb community!

As @izzyhunt said, this is a pretty strict limit for the safety of our engineers and because the job may require more specialist equipment. I have just asked our metering team to double check though so I’ll drop you an email if there’s anything we can sort for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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