Question about meter readings

If you leave a property and close your energy accounts with supplier A, and then move into your new property and open an account with supplier B (in this case, Bulb), but that account doesn’t technically open for say a month, then do you provide a meter reading from when you moved in or from when the account technically opened?

That’s the situation I’m in: I would have liked to start my Bulb account straight away but I was given a fixed start date. I know I’m liable for energy usage in between the dates, but I don’t know whether I should pay bulb or if it’s the supplier of the previous tenant who is the ‘default’ and who is owed the money.

@Christopher_B84, you need to pay the old supplier for energy right up until your switch date to Bulb.
Bulb will remind you to take a meter reading closer to that date, which will be sent on to the old supplier.

You also need to provide the old supplier with the meter reading from your move in date.