Question about payment methods

I have always used visa debit card for bulb to take out my monthly payments but I have just had to get a new card with different number, I spoke to the website bot and whoever it was says I have to now change to direct debit is this so?

Hi @trevor8606

That is correct, yes. We no longer accept card payments monthly to help better protect our members, as they aren’t covered by the direct debit guarantee.

We’ll need you to setup a direct debit to cover the payments going forward

Would it be of benefit if the T&C’s were updated to reflect the fact that any payments other than DD are no longer accepted including the particular situations mentioned by the OP?

I would have thought that protection of members by the DD guarantee isn’t the main reason for Bulb’s preferred payment method. The main reason is that DD is the most cost effective way of collecting payment.

I’m all for DD for regular payment occurences.

Hi @Allanr

You make a good point, I’ll raise that with the relevant teams and see if we can get it changed. Thanks for flagging it :triangular_flag_on_post: