Question about smart meters and off peak

We have solar panels and a 6KWH battery from Powervault. During the summer our electricity draw from the grid is less than we put onto the grid. In the winter we could store off peak electricity in the battery.

We currently do not have a dual tariff meter. Will the smart meters when you roll them out have dual tariff options, or will it be necessary to request a special meter?

If we need a special smart meter for dual tariff, then will we have to pay to upgrade to that? I am trying to work out the best route through. There could be little benefit short term, but late next year we are considering buying a plug in hybrid when there will be distinct advantages of having an off peak rate.

Best wishes

Hi Ken, when we roll out smart meters you will definitely be able to opt for a dual rate meter, just flag it up when we contact you regarding getting the meter fitted.

Thanks Anthony. There would be a charge to switch now. Would there be a charge when the smart meters are installed?

HI Kenneth, the specifics of our smart meter roll out aren’t confirmed at the moment so I wouldn’t be able to confirm currently.