Question for Bulb re usage graphs.

When comparing the amounts in the usage graphs they are more expensive than the actual statement amounts is there a reason for this.

May graph projected £69 Statement amount £82.47
April graph projected £83 Statement amount £108.21
March Graph amount £117 Statement amount £103.97
February Graph amount £113 Statement amount £225.92 (adjusted)
January Graph amount £127 Statement amount £119.38

I am assuming the May statement is for usage in April and the May graph is for usage in April ? OR is the May graph the usage for May ? Confused as to when the graph should activate, when my statement arrives say 3rd of June is that for the month just finished ie May?

Does the graph deduct the dual fuel discount or is that included.

Also the graphs are way behind real time as the last month documented (actual) is for March.

The above is not an issue for me as the statements correspond with my own spreadsheet amounts but it may be useful for others in understanding how it formulates the graphs.

@scudo thanks for getting in touch with us regarding the graph. The way that the graph is calculated is that it takes the meter readings that the customer submits and the estimations and scales them to a monthly calendar, so in some instances, it can inflate a monthly usage or be less than what you used.

It’s not very simple or clear and it’s one of our improvements this year to provide a usage graph that gives more clarity to our member’s energy usage. I agree that it would be quite confusing for members who rely more on the graph than actual usage.