question: smart meters and the future of billing..


Id trying to decide whether to get a smart meter. I know all the benefits, but I can’t help shed the thought of something I read a while ago. It was talking about the possibility of energy companies billing customers different costs depending on when during the day they used their energy - and that having smart meters that could track this data, would help enable such billing. I don’t want to have to worry about when my kids take a bath or when we do the washing for example.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this?


We all have our own opinions on smarts, for me I just wont have one as I dont see any benefits, I monitor my own usage weekly on a spreadsheet and have done for a few years logging both costs and kWh. In addition the industry has a way to go to get them working properly and you can read of many issues with them on this forum.

I am sure the future will be smart meters and eventually we will be forced to take them but until then I will stick with the old meter.