Quick summary of my pricing end of year 2018

No I am not leaving Bulb but thought with the volatile market this year to have a look at my usage / prices and where it stands at the end of 2018.
Using just this months December information:

Gas TY used 2450 kWH… LY used 2910 so a 16% reduction in kWh
Gas cost TY £99… LY £79 so a 25% increase in costs despite a 16% reduction in kWh

Electric TY used 43 kWh… LY used 41 kWh
Electric cost TY £43… LY cost £41 so pretty much the same as last year.

Of course I will double check when my statement comes in in case of error. Hopefully some prices will come down in 2019.

@scudo, is your lower gas usage just down to the weather or have you made any specific changes/home improvements?

I haven’t made any home improvements so putting it down to the weather.

Thanks for sharing @scudo

Have you got any plans on how you’ll save energy in 2019?

Eleanor at Bulb
January 3, 2019 5:03PM Flag
I dont think there is much else I can do as I have cavity wall insulation, loft insulation & double glazing, any cold spots at skirting have been sorted. All high usage lights are now LED, and 1 shower is now off the gas CH.

As you can see from my graphs it is closely monitored, the rise early part of 2018 was due to the extended cold period we had, apart from that usage has been slowly coming down for the last 4 years, and considering the price rises over the last 4 years I think I have a good track record as I was managing to bring costs down. I am now at the mercy of the utility companies to bring costs down. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify the figures for the bar chart are on the month I receive my statement so Jan is actually Dec usage.

I honestly feel for those that are on tight budgets or worse still on benefits.

I was going to post a comparison of my usage, but just after Christmas I found out that somehow the oil radiator in the garage had been turned on and left on for an unknown period of time (only meant to be used to take the chill off when people are working in there)… Electricity bill for December was therefore £30+ than previous months :frowning: sob.