Quidco Cashback not tracked

I switched to Bulb at the end of June 2018 via a link in Quidco, but my Quidco cashback did not track. I raised a claim via Quidco on 5th July, but Quidco said that Bulb would not allow them to forward any claims until 3 months had elapsed. They duly forwarded my claim to Bulb on 6th October, but I’ve not heard anything since.

My question is, how long after switching do Bulb normally pay Quidco cashback? i.e should I wait longer, or should I be chasing this? Many thanks.


Hi This is a public forum for Bulb and normally on the weekends only us fellow customers are on it. It would be best if you contacted the Bulb team direct, you can find their details by clicking the Help button at the top of this page.

Thanks very much Allanr

Same here @PMW, looks like bulb are playing games with paying out.

As far as I can tell (my case, your case and a 4-5 others I know who registered around the same period), bulb is either ignoring us or say they will look into it, but they don’t. They have even removed their Quidco page now.

I wrote to Quidco 2 weeks ago, they say ball is in bulb’s court. I then started a chat with someone at bulb (who were kind and said they will “look into it with Finance”) and nothing has moved. In the meanwhile they were swift to increasing their tariffs (twice!)

Good luck.

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