Quotation too low?

So I’ve just switched over to Bulb and wanted to ask if anyone else had a strange recommended payment amount from Bulb.

Initially I was given a quote of £61 a month for my home when I switched across towards the end of June (I also got £50 for following a friend’s referral link). I actually opted to pay £70 a month until I could see what my usage would even out at. I gave my initial meter readings and on the 13th July I received an estimated bill of £12.80 to that date.

Now, my Bulb dashboard is recommending I increase my monthly payments to £90 a month to cover my usage over the year but since I haven’t given any actual meter readings, why is it assuming I will be using much more than it assumed when I got my quote on their website?

I know that providing meter readings will give a more accurate bill, which I will do, but I do feel a little roped in by the reasonable quote, only to have the amount increased by 50% before I’ve actually provided any information on what I’m using…

Anyone else had this?

TL;DR: Got a quote for £61/month. After I switched and before I’ve actually provided any meter readings (besides the initial), Bulb is saying I should be paying £90/month…

@jwd2017 thanks for getting in touch. I’ve just sent you an email detailing our quote process and how the £90 was calculated.

Hi @“SJ at Bulb”,

I’ve received your email, thanks for clarifying. I came over to Bulb for the transparency so really appreciate it.

For anyone else who may come across this: I wasn’t aware that when switching Bulb receive annual usage figures from the old supplier, not just the last meter readings, so the difference will have come from actual usage from the previous residents.

Thanks again!