The sign up process for bulb gives a “quotation” for monthly bills based on number of bedrooms. Can anyone confirm that this is actually an estimate (legally different from a quote) based on usage?

At the bottom of the final quotation page, in very small green print, there’s a ‘Refine your Quote’ option. You can enter your annual usage and get a much more useful price.

When signing up there is an option for refining your quote, this can be based on kWh usage for the year which is available from your current suppliers last Bill, this is more accurate than the number of rooms.

I’m purely a customer of 1 month standing so not an official view.

After you have entered the details regarding number of bedrooms etc it takes you to a page saying how much your energy will cost.

However if you scroll down that page you will see “Have your bill handy? Refine your quote”, Clicking the “Refine” link will take you to a page where you can enter your actual usage in kWh. Personally I would use units used rather than your spend.in £.

Not being legally competent I would say that if you put in your usage in kWh that cost shown would be a quote rather than an estimate.

However if you purely entered the number of bedrooms etc, the cost provided would be an estimate.

It’s just semantics really.
If a builder gives you an estimate for re-roofing your house, it’ll be a ball park figure based on similar jobs s/he’s done before. If the job is costed in detail for your house, you’ll get a quote for the precise cost.
Annual energy usage can vary for so many reasons - weather, holidays, appliance usage etc - so any “quote” can only in reality be an estimate.

Spot on with the semantics, but if you input your kWh the cost produced will be a quote at that time because if you use your builders analogy it will have been precisely costed (no of units X cost per unit plus standing charges not forgetting the VAT element). My logic will be shot down because of the variable tariff element.