Quote Vs Actual Payments

I’ve just put the wheels in motion to switch to Bulb. Just wondered if most peoples payments are actually in line with or very close to their original quotes?

Looking at my ‘Welcome to Bulb!’ email letter from November 2017, it said a payment of £83.40 per month should cover things and my Jan-Feb bill was £79.92, Feb-Mar £85.49, Mar-April £83.60 : so pretty spot on. Probably slightly over paying for the summer months, but I’ve reduced my monthly payments a bit anyway as I’ve got account credit due to referrals to eat through.

Thanks Richy. After I started the switch process yesterday, a Bulb post then appeared on my Facebook feed with a fair bit of adverse feedback. Obviously you don’t believe everything you read on Facebook so I thought I’d ask the question on here.