Confused by my quote.

I recently did a comparison and got a quote stating that my gas and electricity would cost around £1,000 for the year however when inputting the data into comparison websites again i am not getting the same results and there are other providers cheaper. This doesnt seem to be anything to do with the recent increase to bulbs charges. Can someone contact me to help provide a more detailed quote please using my previous information from my last provider.


Hi @carlbailey

It sounds like the price comparison sites are using different estimates for the amount of energy that you’ll use over the course of a year. Our quick quote makes a few assumptions about how you use energy based off the size of your home, but you can refine it further by clicking on the blue button that says “Compare to my Current Supplier” to go into more detail. The price comparison sites will make similar assumptions but everyone has a slightly different formula.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply