Quoted £71 a month, now saying £144!

When we first signed up a few months ago Bulb estimated payments would be around £71 a month however they have just emailed to say we apparently have used £144 in the last month despite only having heating on for an hour in the morning and then a few hours in the evening. We only have a 2 bedroom house. Another member of our family has a 3 bedroom house and has heating on all day and only pays Bulb £90 a month. I have heard this overcharging is common with Bulb and would like it looking into ASAP as its ridiculous!

Don’t confuse the direct debit payment with the bill. They are not the same.

Some questions to consider:

What do your actual bills say?
Was the £144 bill estimated or based on an actual reading that you submitted?
Is your account in credit, or perhaps the higher monthly payments are required to pay off a debt that has built up?

You will not pay for energy if you have not used it.
What was used for the switch quote, property size or yearly kWh?
Are you talking £144 bill or suggested DD payment.
You cant compare properties as there are too many variables.

In my opinion overcharging is not an issue with Bulb but lack of understanding how their system works is tends to be.
If you wish to discuss with Bulb use the help button to get contact info.

In my opinion overcharging is not an issue with Bulb but lack of understanding how their system works is tends to be.

I’d extend that to lack of understanding of how energy supply works in general. Bulb don’t do anything different from any other suppliers.

I would encourage Ntc2191 to do what I do: note down your readings every month (and get your relative to do the same). Over time, you will see a pattern emerge - especially if you know how to create a spreadsheet chart thingy. The whole exercise is highly educative and oddly reassuring! What bulb (and every other utility) does is divide your estimated projected annual usage and divide it by 12 (plus a bit more as a buffer) to arrive at the suggested monthly debit. My duel-fuel debits (just to give an example) are £40 a month for my highly insulated house + PV panels, but the actual consumption in monetary terms ranged last calendar year from £20 in August to £200 in February!! And bulb will automatically tell you whether they think you need to increase or decrease your monthly debits by way of fine-tuning. After a couple of years or so, I was advised to come down from £56 to £40 pm as they could see my consumption pattern emerging.


From another post which you sent to the Forum on 20 December it does look as if you have been a customer of Bulb for just one month.

Regardless of this can you please confirm if your bill of £144 (not your DD payment) is based on actual meter readings? If you haven’t supplied meter readings your bill will be based on estimate meter readings.