Race for Renewables in the Middle East 🌞

On Sunday, authorities in the UAE have given the green light to plans for the world’s largest solar power plant. :sunny:

It will have a very impressive capacity of 2GW power plant which is the equivalent electricity to power over 160,000 local households each year. It is calculated this will reduce carbon emissions by 2.4 million tonnes which is the same as taking 470,000 cars of the road. :deciduous_tree: :racing_car:

Similarly, Dubai is developing a colossal solar power park, which when finished will be the largest single-site solar energy project in the world. This will have a capacity of 5GW of renewable electricity and will be ready as early as 2030.

The idea of a new energy/technology race in a region famous for its oil is fascinating. It will be really interesting to follow this story over the next few years and see how this clean energy revolution develops.

If you want to read this article, please see this link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/dominicdudley/2020/07/26/worlds-largest-solar-power-plant/?fbclid=IwAR0p8rhqSF3MEBVL5sYcbQ69pNkxk2xofQrXUMCCiSKykLw4usCAyhOxLhc#6782aa1b2b65

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