Radiator's are not working and there is no hot water

I Live in Glasgow, G2 8JX. Our heating and sin’t working and our water is freezing cold. Can you tell me why and can you resolve this please?

I doubt it is Bulbs fault. You need to be more specific (as there are several things that can cause a failure) and maybe someone can help.
It could be frozen pipes due to the recent cold spell.

@seamie91_, you would be best off ringing a local company to take a look at this. It’s not something Bulb can sort for you.

If anything’s frozen then it might be a blocked condensate pipe, but I wouldn’t have thought it’s been cold enough for long enough. Having a look at your boiler should lead you closer to the cause of the issue though.

My neighbours stopped working the other night and it was gunge in the condensate trap.
Easily sorted.

@seamie91_ There’s a few things that can cause the issue. It could be the boiler itself, the meter or the actual supply of gas. I assume it’s the boiler, which you can test that if you have a gas stove/oven. If there’s no gas in your property at all, you need to call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999 to check whether it’s a fault in your local gas distribution network. If that’s not the case, please call us straight away, because the would then try to get an engineer to your property as a gas meter emergency.

@scudo @mowcius - thanks for your comments