Radio teleswitch service (rts) meters to be deactivated by december 2023?

Many houses with economy 7 have 2 element meters with both a meter and a radio switch. My house had one. They look like this:

Source: Blastoise186 on ovo energy forum

These radio teleswitches are used to tell the meters when to switch between rates. A bit like a 1 way smart meter. Thing is, the RTS network phased out by a deadline of December 2023, meaning that existing installations would end up stuck on 1 rate.

Energy UK says:
“The majority of the preparation for the transition lies firmly with electricity suppliers
themselves, ensuring they are able to source the necessary meters and upskilling their installation workforces to replace all legacy RTS metering installations by the 31st March 2022 deadline.”
Given that bulb still doesn’t have proper stock of the 5 terminal smart meters, and that the only alternative is to “install standard 4-terminal SMETS2 meters alongside an external
contactor in the absence of 5-terminal/twin element SMETS2 variants.” which seems fine until you read “However, it is noted that such installations are deemed to be more technically difficult which may be beyond the capabilities of a less-experienced smart meter installation workforce” Which siemens definitely fall under, what are bulb planning to do about this?

If I were a betting man, my money would be on this being like the deadline for having all SMETS1 meters enrolled with DCC - missed by several years (and counting).

Hi @izzyhunt :wave:

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The 5 terminal meters are currently being trialled so we should be able to start fitting these soon. Although we don’t have a date yet, as soon as we do we will make you aware.

There is an interesting article on radio teleswitch here. As they discuss, the only option at present for replacing these meters are Smart.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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@izzyhunt - note how back in January the deadline was reported as April 2023, so has apparently already slipped by 6 months.

Hi I have an E7 meter but it looks nothing like those! Even the last two or possibly 3 have looked like the one I have now a single digital display with a push button to go through all the readings time and date etc.
And also unreadable by e.on Got fed up with them when they got their own meter readers
Unlike the network readers before yer e.on were on rip off Britain for switching all the day and night rates in our region
Take care J.

That sounds like a smart meter. They can be configured for Economy 7.

Hi meter not smart was installed by local network about a year before they started to roll smart meters out!!! and use to be read by network meter readers and later on by agency meter readers who use to say can’t read that it’s got a button on it and later on by e.on own meter readers only to reverse day and night readings
Take care J.
Every 6months on phone to e.on over the reversal of readings even after switching away having to send photos of readings to new supplier just to prove the readings were the right way around and taking nearly nine months to get credit back off e.on!!!

Hi @jforshawl20 I’m sorry to hear about the issues you had with your previous supplier! Is everything alright now you’re with Bulb?

Looking through your account I can see that your readings are up to date, but we could sign you up for someone to come and read your meter every 3 months if that would help? Or was the issue more to do with the fact that previously only EON meter readers could read it.

You’ve also registered your interest for a smart meter, so once your meter set up is eligible we’ll let you know :+1:

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Hi Megan
Yes this is going back a few years!!!
Back in the 80’s when you could first switch the home region was manweb(now Scottish power networks) so I switched electricity to the next region which was were I worked (norweb) later on e.on brought out norweb retail so. Became a e.on customer!! But meters and reading still responsibility of local network (s.p.nets) and about 6or7 years ago retail became reasonable for meters and meter reading! As meters were set differently in most regions this is were confusion rains
Where I live it’s rate 1 or A for daytime in other regions it can and most often is different what e.on started doing in the beginning was applying rate 1 or A as nightime rates as it was in the old norweb region!!! But since then have been through two solr’s before ending up with bulb a few years ago!!
As for the E7 meter I have, after reading about the switching off of the timing mechanism in the next year or two sometime next year it appears it will have to be replaced.
Yer!! It doesn’t meet your requirements for replacement i.e two metres plus off the floor but not in a hurry to change so if anybody has any ideas will be most welcome
Yours faithfully

Hi @jforshawl20 :wave:

Oh wow, that made for an interesting read! It’s a great brief history into how the industry used to work, so thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it’d be worth getting a picture if your current meter set up, just so I can check to see whether we would be able to move forwards with the install any time soon. I’ve dropped you an email, so if you could reply to that with a picture that’d be great.

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