Ran out of electric

I rang you yesterday and had to send in photos of my mater, but don’t have any electric left. I have supply, for now, but scared it will run out. There is no number to call for weekends. I have an old meter and a flashing e on my meter with £0.00 on display. I have inserted my new key which has £30 on but nothing happens.
Do you have weekend assistance? If not I will have to go somewhere else that provides 7 days support as you can guarantee I have trouble at weekends.

My electric has gone off, I rang your number and you tell me to get in touch with power grid!!! It is my meter that’s not working not the local electric.

I now have electric by using my old key. I will be requesting a refund of £30 and will be taking my custom elsewhere as I need weekend support from my suppliers.