Random price increase for the month

Has anyone else has a bill of £120 ect and then the next month it’s almost been triple that even though you had less on in the house but apparently it’s your fault as you missed 1 metre reading!

If you check your statement you should be able to work out the basis for the massive increase in the bill. You mention you have missed a meter reading but is this just an odd occurrence, otherwise the bill could be based on way off the mark estimated readings?

How do you propose your energy supplier know that you’ve had “less on in the house” if you didn’t tell them your usage via a meter reading?


Hey @Shannon96,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a shock high statement this month. Depending on how long you’ve been in property and giving us readings our estimates may not be in sync with your actual usage yet.

If you’ve submitted a new readings since, your next statement will reflect the actual reading and you’ll likely see a lower statement next month to account for this.