rate increased

Hi having swapped to Bulb in November last year i gave my usage totals for the previous year and we agreed a total monthly payment for the year … Usage over winter period is logically more than in summer but also logically it evens itself out over the year … My winter monthly readings gave a higher usage cost than my monthly payments …Bulb then increased my payments ,now my monthly usage is in credit … will it be now reduced ?..i don’t think so …consequently not impressed with there knee jerk business style

“will it be now reduced ?..i don’t think so .”
Adjust your dd from your account.

Hi Rick I’ve just moved from nPower and I had the same situation with them. But they explained that if your account goes into credit then you are more than entitled to request that credit back into your bank account. But it means they’ll have to revise your monthly direct debit. It’s so they can help manage your monthly payments to keep it fixed so when it comes to winter your bill doesn’t suddenly spike just like your energy usage will. Hope that helps.

@rick2018, @Kayum, you can adjust your monthly payment amount at any time from your Payment settings page.

@rick2018 our system will advise adjustments to ensure that you don’t go into a big debit. Once you do go into a fair bit of credit, you can get the rest refunded back to you. You can also go into your payment settings to reduce your payment amount.

We’re currently building tools for members to be able to refund without having to get in touch with us. Also, we are working on our system to be smarter in recommending payment decreases once you go into a lot of credit as well.