Reading Balance and Payments

How does Bulb take payments? I have been adding to my balance every month though nothing has been coming out my balance and it keeps increasing.

I assume you have checked in your account in the monthly statements.

Hi @Mmiller, every month we will issue a statement and charge the amount from your balance in your Bulb Account.

I can see from your account that we have had a problem processing your statements. Although rare, this can sometimes happen when there is a miscommunication between us and other third party companies, over your meter details or readings.

I’ve sent you an email about the billing in your account, you should be receiving an updated bill this afternoon.


Although rare

@“William at Bulb” @“Eleanor at Bulb” It’s not that rare. We’re pretty much getting one post a day right now where a customer has had no statements for months and no one at Bulb has automatically picked up any errors/faults/failures before the customer has been forced to flag a problem.