Reading exactly the same for multiple days?

On the first day of each month I take a manual reading from each of my meters - electricity, solar and gas. Our electricity reading this month is at it’s highest since March despite our expectation of the usage being lower (Not at home often, tumble dryer unused, lights on less, etc).

When I check the daily usage on Bulb it shows a number of days in sequence being exactly at £1.96 which is high for us and strange looking.

Could it be a fault with the meter? I tried to upload an image but it isn’t allowing me to post it, nor will it let me link to the image I uploaded elsewhere.

Thank you.

The same usage for a sequence of days is usually shown when Bulb don’t receive readings for all the days in question. For example, if readings are missing for days 1 and 2 but a reading is received for day 3, then the total usage is averaged over the 3 days.

Hi @cbryson84,

Thanks for getting in touch. Nice to see you back on Community. And thanks for your contribution @norman7115. :raised_hands:

Unfortunately, having checked your account, the last smart reading we received was on the 25th of June. I can see since then you have given manual readings for both electricity and gas but because the smart meter isn’t sending through daily updates, the usage tracker is a little bit redundant at the moment.

I can see the most recent reading is extremely high compared to back in June so I would like us to do a burns test to check this is all ok.

How to conduct a Burns Test:

  1. Take a picture of your meter reading.
  2. Turn on appliances in your property that use lots of energy (e.g. a kettle, oven and electric heaters for electricity, or your boiler for gas). You should see the meter reading increasing.
  3. Wait a few minutes and take another photo of your meter, showing how the reading has increased.

To confirm that this is the correct meter and it is not running too fast, turn everything in your property off. You should see over the next few minutes that the meter reading stops.

Could you please follow these instructions and send us the photos to If you have any questions on the above, let me know.

Daisy :bulb: