Reading gas meter

You have asked me to supply you with my first meter readings. No problem with the electricity meter but my gas meter is not showing any figures at all, it’s just a blank screen. I’m on a smart meter at the moment.

I have the same problem as my first gas reading . My smart meter ( Scottish Power ) reads electricity ok , but now I get no outside gas reading at all . The nearest I can see to gas usage on the smart meter is 01167 , so I will enter this reading . Let me know if this is ok , thanks .

@Wayne171 Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding the gas meter. If there is a keypad you should be able to press number 9 to get the reading that you need. If you need further help we have a guide on our Help Center:

@BARRYLEGGATT the reading that we’re looking for is in m3 so as long as the reading has that at the end, it will be what we’re looking for.