Reading m3 of gas but paying kw

Why we have the price of gas for kw if our meters show m3 ?

@ionut6710 All energy suppliers bill to kWh for several reasons. kWh is the absolute amount of energy that has been used, one m3 of energy does not equate to another m3 of gas. The calorific value of gas can vary based upon supply and pressure can vary depending on altitude.

My Gas meter reads in m3 how do i convert this to kwh so i get an accurate reading of how much gas im using and the correct cost

@mrsvincenzina, you could follow these instructions to (approximately, not accurately) get kWh figure for your gas use.

Then you could then multiply by the current tarriff (I believe it’s 2.516p/kWh right now) and add on your standing charge at 24.56p/day for however many days you’re calculating for.

Is there a specific reason why you want to know exact figures before you get a statement?

Hi @mrsvincenzina - @mowcius has got some good suggestions there, and you can also see the exact calculations we use at the bottom of the last page of your monthly statements :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!