Reading meters?

My mam had a man call at her house today to read her meters. I did not think this would happen as we supply meter readings directly to Bulb. He only read the electric one. She switched to Bulb on 19th August and made her first payment on 20th August and the second one today, 20th September. Her old supplier has already got her final readings on 19th August.
Can you confirm that this person was legitimately there to meter readit? If so, will this be a regular check? If not, how do I report it?

I can’t comment if the reader was genuine or not did they show their ID.

Legally all suppliers must read customers meters at least every 2 years, Bulb tend to do theirs once a year. Chances are it was just a coincidence your mother’s has had a visit so soon after switching to Bulb.

Hi @Mary44, as @Allanr, correctly suggested we try to send someone round once a year to check your meter to make sure everything is working as it should be. I’m going to drop you an email just to make sure your experience was exactly as it should have been, but it sounds like it was nothing to worry about :slight_smile: