Reading my smart meter

I can read the electricity reading on my smart meter ok, I have sent it to you and you have accepted it. But I am having a problem with the gas reading. Instead of ‘Volume m3’ it says ‘IMP KVARH’ which I assume is the gas reading. The current reading is 115.4. Then there is another reading under 'EXP KVARH of 202.4.

I have sent you the reading of 115, and you have replied that this is not what you were expecting and to check the numbers or send a photo of the meter. I don’t know how to do the latter. Why is 115 a wrong reading? I see that you recorded an estimated gas reading of four figures earlier in July, but this included the figure after the decimal point which is not supposed to be included.

I thought you could get the readings direct from the smart meter without the need for me to send readings to you.

Can you please help me?

                                                                    John Martin

@John_Martin642 thanks for getting in touch with us.

That’s quite odd, for smart meters the reading we need for the gas should be in m3. For us to be able to investigate further, we’d need pictures of the readings to verify. Could you send us a photo to One of our team will help you out.

Bulb currently does not support the first generation of smart meters. This is because they only communicate with the company that installed them. When the next generation of smart meters comes out in 2018 the system will be updated so they can talk to the different energy suppliers. This means we will start supplying them in late 2018.