Reading Smart Meter

Hi, I’m struggling to put in my first gas meter reading. I pushed 9 on the smart meter and the word Volume came up followed by a 5 digit number, 00470, with M3 at the bottom. However the online meter reading form only has 4 spaces not 5. Can you help?

There is a section on how to read various meters, for some reason I cant post the link.

Thanks, for responding. I’ve read the help guide and I think I’ve got the right reading but there are 5 digits and only 4 boxes on the online meter reading thing to input them. I’m not sure if I need to discount any zeros and, if so, from the front or the end of the number. There are no decimals. Cheers.

@Julia_Louise Could you send us a photo of the meter to and we will be able to just check a few things. If you could mention we just need to check what the reading should be either me or one of my colleagues will be able to help out.

Hi there, I sent the photos as requested on Friday evening and received an automated acknowledgement but have yet to hear back from anyone. Just keen to get you my reading as soon as possible. As yet have only submitted electricity reading. Thanks, Julia

Hi @Julia_Louise, I have found your email and am replying now, very sorry for the delay.