Reading Smart Meters from Display

Hi. I know I’m probably being a bit thick, but I can’t seem to be able to display the actual readings on my Gas/Elect meters. I have a Chameleon SMETS2.

The only way I can look at the meter readings is to empty the cupboard and lie on the floor!

Hi @PaulMC12345

There are no silly questions here!

Are you referring to your IHD or your actual meters? If you’re referring your actual meters then we have a guide here and here.

If you’re referring to your IHD the we may need to reboot it. Let us know if this is the case.

I’m referring to the IHD.

The unit is working perfectly. I’m just wondering what buttons do you press and in what order, to get the actual reading (IE: Consumption since the meter was installed) in either m3 or Kwh from the Gas or Electricity meter.


As I said, I’m just trying to avoid having to empty the cupboard every time I want to read the meters.

Hi @PaulMC12345, we have PDFs of guides for the different IHDs that should show you what you’re looking for. Is it a IHD3, or an IHD6? It should say on the barcode on the bottom of the unit. If it doesn’t say, can you let me know whether the unit is all-black or whether it’s black and white? If you can let me know this info, I can send you the IHD user guide via email.

It is just worth mentioning that even though your IHD will show meter readings, these can differ from the readings on your meters themselves. As a result, we do need any manual meter readings to be taken from your meters, rather than from your IHD.

HI, it’s the IHD3. I have read the user guide. I have gone through all the settings. Even if I could find the readings, you say they are not reliable (That’s not terribly smart) so I can’t use them anyway.

So I give up!. Thanks for trying to help.