Reading smart meters

Hi, I have a smart meter from a previous supplier. I am following the instructions for reading my meter (press 6 three times for IMP R01 night time reading, press 6 again for IMP R02 daytime reading) but the daytime reading is not showing. Has anyone experienced this problem?

Hi @chudbond007, I don’t know if this will help you (I am certainly no expert) but I have Economy 7 and when trying to read the smart meter here, I thought initially it was not giving me all the readings. What I discovered was that I did not have to do all the key presses. I press 6 once and it goes through various bits of info, including the R02 and R01 numbers. My meter is a Secure Liberty 100. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply @anniemac but, although mine is the same meter as yours, it doesn’t cycle through to show R02 reading. It did work whilst I was with my previous supplier but since switching it only shows one tariff.

Hi @chudbond007. I have to admit I don’t understand how any of this stuff works and was lucky to find that one 6 worked for me. It is such a clever bit of equipment there must be a way to make it show both. R02 reading comes before R01 here.

How about asking your old company? If you are still officially their customer, they should at least be coopertive with you.

Hi @anniemac It looks like my dual tariff meter is now a single tariff meter (for the time being at least) from the moment I left my previous supplier (OVO). I can’t say whether it was done deliberately or if its just incompetence . My switch of supplier has been a complete disaster so far - both gas & electric have been problematic. Hopefully Bulb can rectify it but I won’t look forward to moving again.

@chudbond007 The reading of your meter should not have changed since switching suppliers.

Are you able to send pictures of the screens to and we can see what might have gone on?

@chudbond007 did you get this sorted? We are having a very similar issue.

I am having this problem as well I can only get imp r01 no matter what buttons I press. Thinking getting a smart meter installed was a bad move had nothing but problems


I am having this same problem whereby I have lost the RO2 reading from my smart meter but it has only happened during the time with Bulb and since I notified them of issues with my readings. Has anyone had this resolved since the post about missing R02 was first published? I have tried to raise his but I do not seem to be getting anywhere. My concern is - how do I know the readings are correct and therefore that I am being billed correctly. Thinking of switching back to a company that reads the meter direct.