How do I submit meter readings

How do I submit meter readings

Go your bulb account and hit submit reading.

Unless you have a smart meter.

WHERE??? I’ve wasted 20 minutes trying to find what should be the most obvious link???

If you are using the website.

From the bulb home page (, click on “sign in”. Type in you user name and password.
That will take you to your “dashboard” page. The first, massive, green button on that page is called “Submit meter reading”

WHERE????? I've wasted 20 minutes trying to find what should be the most obvious link???

As you say, it should be the most obvious link. As jjimjam said it’s a massive, green button on the dashboard called “Submit meter reading”.

If you can’t see what is indeed the most obvious link, then it’s because it’s not there. The most common reason it’s not there is because there’s some configuration error on your account that Bulb need to deal with. You’ll have to contact them to ask. You might wonder why Bulb don’t automatically sort this out, or at least let you know there’s a problem. Well, yes … :’(

Hi @s_hanlon28 and @harryborden ,

Thanks for getting in touch. As @jjimjam and @Hooloovoo explained, once you’ve signed into your online account through our home page you should see a green link saying ‘Submit meter readings’. If you just click on this you should be able to submit your meter readings.

However if you have certain smart meters you won’t be able to submit them via your bulb account initially. This is because we are likely to be able to read your smart meter. It’s definitely worth me checking though so I’ve sent you both a message just to make sure your account’s up and running as it should be.