Readings submitted but not registering

I am submitting readings, but they are not registering on the site (not App). I have emails confirming that they have registered but I cannot change my payments which I want to do because I have healthy credit.

Can anyone help?

I reckon you need to contact Bulb direct, their details are on the bottom of the Help page. Meter readings which I sent on 29 December are showing on my Energy Usage page.

Why are you not able to change your payments?

Thanks, the payment change will not happen until I have put in my readings. Perhaps it will settle.

Hi, did you mean until the meter readings which you submitted have been registered on your account? You said earlier you had submitted meter readings.

I have submitted the readings. I have received emails confirming the submissions. But the submissions are not registering on the site so I cannot make payment changes.

Sorry for any confusion I was referring to your comment: “until I have put in my readings”

I can see how that looked :slight_smile:

I found payment settings and have sorted it. I am clearly a doofus. At least I did not do it on a public forum. Oh… wait…

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