Just submitted my latest gas reading. Was informed it is lower than expected. So checked my final bill from British Gas and they had read my smart meter as higher than the reading on my meter !

Hi @vincent6091 , I can see what’s happened here. It looks like your usage may not be too far off from the estimate used to start your account. We can dispute the first reading if there is a difference of 150 m3 or more between the two readings. It seems like the difference here may be less. But, if you like you could send us another reading in a week’s time so we can calculate a rate for your usage, and use that rate to estimate a new starting read. If they don’t accept the dispute, it just means you won’t have to pay us for any gas, until you surpass the estimated starting read! Let us know how you want to move forward on this.

@vincent6091 just another note, was it possible you confused your gas and electric readings?