I have 2 issues. One is that I submitted reading and got my first bill but the readings you say I have are different to what I submitted and what my metre says. Neither of them are correct.
The second problem is that we changed to bulb to rent our new flat but the process finished after we had moved in but the old energy supplier (Scottish Power) have no contacted us at all and it’s been 2 months. Would you have just billed us on their behalf?
I was going to phone but is it correct it costs about a tenner just to phone customer services…? Bit extortionate to be honest but any help appreciated.

0300 30 30 635 costs nothing to ring bulb as its a free phone number same as 0800

Er, no, 0300 numbers are not free - they’re charged at the same rate as 01 or 02.
If you have a call plan with inclusive calls, then that will include 01, 02 and 03.

@Kirsty11111 I’ve emailed to ask for a photo of the meter readings as they do seem different to what we expect.

We’re not billing you on behalf of Scottish Power - they should be in touch soon if they haven’t already with a final bill for the short period you were with them.

As @198kHz rightly says, our phone line is free for plans with inclusive calls. Otherwise, 0300 numbers are charged at your normal landline call rate.