How do I give my first readings

Hi! you can do this through your Bulb account

This site is totally and utterly unhelpful. As so many others have remarked in the forums, all I wish to do (at Bulb’s request) is to submit my meter reading now (as we are switching over to Bulb today, 12 November 2019).

Your response above (Callum) simply takes me right back in a circle to here. Unbelievable !

Please advise urgently as nobody has endless time to waste going round and round in forums like this. With our current supplier it could not be easier to submit readings online at any time. Not happy.

Clicked on the link in pink (in Callum_at_Bulb post) ?
Log in (make an account if you haven’t yet)
Then Click on the big green box - SUBMIT A METER READING.

In case you’ve missed it, for many people that doesn’t work because their accounts are not set up correctly. As you say, it’s an obvious Big Green Box that is simply impossible to miss. Rather than assuming people are dumb and can’t see a Big Green Box, the most likely reason people can’t see it is because it’s not there.

This is a bug that’s been going on now for 2+ years. It used to affect only people that had previously been with Bulb, closed the account and moved away, and then returned to Bulb at a new property. The sign up system can’t handle someone trying to register a new account at a new property with the same email address as an old closed account. Now, it seems to be affecting pretty much every new customer that signs up. Poor.