Really high gas bill for elderly couple

Hi, my parents live alone in a 3 bed large semi. They don’t use the heating much at all during the day, mainly in the evening and on the weekends. The upstairs bedrooms all the radiators they leave switched off. They have a smart meter which was installed by first utility a couple of years ago. On average their monthly bill is around £180/£190. Looking at his December bill it says that they used 3711 kw of gas and is charged £130 for gas, Is it just me or does that seem really high for only a couple (they’d put on jumpers and cardigans and socks during the day to stay warm and sit in a blanket in the evening). I think their smart meter might be faulty. I have a family of 5 and our bills are less than theirs and I’m with bulb aswell. I don’t have a smart meter

It’s a huge amount. Two months worth covers my annual consumption.
But…How old is the boiler, what temp do they have it, age of house.
PS: If they switched suppliers they would cut gas costs by 25%

Thats what the Bill states but what does the meter state? Is the bill claiming estimates or actual readings?

I don’t have a Smart meter but I do know from postings on this forum that they have been having issues with them.

My peak usage (Dec-Jan-feb) for a 4 bed detached for gas is around £100 per month. That said there are too many variables ie how the stats are set etc but from what you have said it does appear high.

If their “SMART” meter was installed by F/U a couple of years ago it will be a 1st generation “smart” meter and won’t automatically send readings to BULB , they will have to do it manually(monthly two days before bill date for accuracy) seems like your parents may be on “estimated” bills which can vary anywhere from the sublime to the ridiculous

I have a 5 bedroom semi but it is based on a 1930s 3 bedroom semi. My average monthly bill, dual fuel, is £130 with about half spent on gas.

My electric usage is relatively stable with a little more used in the winter than summer.

But my gas usage varies dramatically from a low of about 300 kWh a month to a high of about 3,800 kWh in the coldest month.

This is the problem with old houses: it is very hard and costly to insulate them effectively. I know, I’ve tried.

Below is my gas usage in kWH, monthly. 4 bed detached.

Hi @rabs786,

Thanks for getting in touch through Community. Everyone here has left some really great advice - I think the first thing to check, is that we’re billing to the correct readings.

If your parents have an old first generation smart meter, then we won’t be able to read it remotely yet. This means that we’ll need you to submit meter readings manually. If we haven’t had any readings in a while, it could be that our estimated bills are too high.

Would you be able to drop me a personal message with your parents’ account details? I’ll then be able to look at their account and get in touch with them directly - thanks.