Really need a IHD please Bulb

I’ve never received a IHD and have requested one from Bulb with no luck. Have others had the same problem?
We really do need one as with the price rise our monthly payment is now £360 in a 3 bed semi so we desperately need to keep a close eye on usage and appliances as it doesn’t seem right and we are struggling with the amount. We have even tried buying the monitors you can plug appliances in but we really need to see real time usage of both gas and electric as things are turned on and off. Please please Bulb help out, it’s stressful enough times for everyone so if we can at least monitor our energy that will help. Even if you can guide me where to get one from that would be useful. Thanks in anticipation :slight_smile:

Hi @Suecal4 :wave:t4:

Thank you for posting,

Unfortunately we have never installed the 1st generation smart meters here at bulb therefore we do not provide these types of in home displays so we wouldn’t be able to send anything to you. The IHD is simply there as a guide, and the usage charts on your account aren’t designed to be live and are still in beta mode. The only true way to calculate your usage is to take readings from the meter itself, this is how we issue your statement.

Once again our sincere apologies, let me know if you have any further questions.

–Suki :hibiscus: