Reccomending others

I am trying to reccomend bulb to my parents and cant believe how convoluted it is, I have been trying for 10 minutes and now give up

Just go into MyBulb, into the refer a Refer a Friend page, and then click on the green paper aeroplane icon. You can then fill out their e-mail address and name to send them your link, which they can use to sign up.

@Lee_Johnson11, personally, aside from their use of an aeroplane icon to mean email, I’ve not found their system to be too confusing or convoluted.

To help Bulb improve, can you elaborate on what you have been finding convoluted/confusing?

Personally I just send people my personalised link via Facebook or other means, which I copied from my MyBulb referral page.

I want to refer my mum but she doesn’t have email so how do I get round that

I want to refer my mum but she doesn't have email so how do I get round that

Your referral link is in here

Just copy it into your browser and sign up on her behalf, if she’s given you permission etc…

@Rockchick73, Bulb require an email address for the account (as that’s what you use to sign un and that’s how you receive your statements) so unfortunately unless you or someone else wants to manage her account for her, she will be unable to join.

I have tried referring using the green paper aeroplane icon using the correct e-mail and get the message ‘This needs to be a valid email’.
It is a valid e-mail address, one I have used successfully for this person for many years. I understand I can send the referral link myself but prefer it came directly from Bulb. I phoned bulb, the person I spoke to was rather disinterested and not inclined to look into the issue. Disappointed.

Hi @Diji2blu - Sorry you feel we weren’t helpful with your query, it would be really good to get some specifics on the issue we’ve got here so we flag it with our tech team, fix it for you and see if it is affecting other members - I’ll drop you a message with some specific questions.

But in the meantime, I would recommend copying your referral link and then you can send it in an email to your friend, rather than via the website - I know this isn’t ideal, but will work while we look into the issue.

@Diji2blu, from my testing, it seemt the only check to see if it’s a valid email address is that there are no spaces in it and it contains an @ sign.

fdssdff@fdsfewf works, as does fsdf@frex.vrfecce

@Lee_Johnson11 Sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble using our referral page - you’ve been given some great advice from the other commenters here, but if you’re still struggling, give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 from Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) and we can help you out with it over the phone instead!

@Rockchick73 As the others said here - we are an online company and need an email to set up the account, so you may want to discuss with your mum if an online company would work for her? Or alternatively, if she’s up for it, you could manage the account via your email address if she’s still keen on switching to Bulb.