Received a Bill as I am a new customer

Hi there, I received a bill from BULB as I am a new customer and it shows that from 13th December to today I owe £158.91 and they are saying that this is correct. I live in a one bed house and I am out of the house from 6am - 5pm and they say I owe £102.95 for this period. I called BULB and finally got through to CS and the person I spoke to did not really understand when I said that this bill was wrong as who pays £158 for 25 days in a one bed house. Has anyone had issues with their bill as if they do not resolve this I am moving supplier immediately

There’s a quantitative answer to this. Look at the statement carefully. Check your new account opening meter readings are the ones you gave with the right date. Check the current reading on the statement is the one you gave with the right date. Make sure none of the readings have the word “estimate” next to them. You can also reproduce the calculation shown on your bill to assure yourself that the values are right.

Assuming all of the above checks out then there are only two possibilities remaining, either you really have used all the energy as metered, or your meters is/are faulty.

You don’t say if this is the first time you’ve lived on your own. If that’s the case you may well be surprised to find out just how expensive it is to heat a property, even if you are out most of the day.

If you come back with a few more details having checked all the above, then us fellow customers here will be able to offer a bit more advice.

Thank you for the advice, I am going to check that I/they have not mixed up the day and night meter readings as they are very close in numbers. I am going to take pictures during the day and it should show which is day/night. I have lived on my own for years and I always used SSE with no issues at all. but appreciate your time to email back. Thank you

Sounds like a plan. Do let us know what you find!