Received an email saying "Sorry You Are Leaving"

Unfortunately I haven’t requested to leave. Is this a random mix-up? Thanks

Hello @lozt ,

I would call Bulb first thing on Monday (or email them) via as it’s hopefully just a mixup (maybe one of your neighbours accidentally selected your address when signing up with somebody else), but it could be another utility company trying to take your supply so they can charge you more (usually as they’ve got comission based sales people).

I like to tell you your records are wrong I am Mr.Warren 3 somerset road not at 2 somerset road please could you put this right thank you

Hi @beecars :

As this is a public community forum open to everybody to view, I would advise removing your personal address from view (click on the cog next to your message to edit it). For account specific information like incorrect addresses, it’s best to reach out to Bulb directly at .